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Turn your home into a Bottle Free Zone and reduce your carbon footprint. With BWT, avoiding plastic bottles is child's play.
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Turn your home into a Bottle Free Zone

If you have great tap water to hand, you can stop drinking water from environmentally harmful plastic bottles with a clear conscience. Rely on the expertise of BWT and help reduce the number of bottles that are manufactured, stored, transported and disposed of at great cost. Play your part in turning our "Plastic Planet" back into "Planet Blue". Thanks to BWT, avoiding plastic bottles is child's play. Because when water from your own tap can be treated to remove particles and impurities, leave it tasting great and adding beneficial minerals to it into the bargain, there is simply no longer any need to drink water from plastic bottles.
Produktteaser K├╝chenwasserfilter
Produktteaser K├╝chenwasserfilter
BWT AQA drink Pure: The modern kitchen aid for a Bottle Free Zone at home.

What are the advantages of a Bottle Free Zone?

Products & solutions

Magnesium Mineralized Water from the kitchen tap

There simply isn't a more direct way to enjoy local water. With BWT AQA drink Pure, you can enjoy fresh, filtered Magnesium Mineralized Water straight from the tap. With the AQA drink Pure water filter for the kitchen, two levers let you choose between still Magnesium Mineralized Water straight from the tap or unfiltered hot and cold water as needed.
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Water dispenser

The mains-connected AQA drink water dispenser offers convenient and safe treatment of fresh water. The unit contains the patented Magnesium Mineralized Water Protect Care Filter with built-in ultrafiltration technology for optimum hygiene.

You get still, chilled or sparkling water at the touch of a button – as needed and just how you like it.

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Die einzigartige Magnesiumtechnologie

Table water filter

Be impressed by BWT's table water filters and optimise your water at home. BWT's unique technologies will take your tap water to a whole new level:

  • Magnesium Mineralized Water, Magnesium Mineralized Water + ZINC, Balanced Alkalized Water
  • Superior, filtered BWT water unlocks the full flavour of your tea and coffee
  • Protects appliances from limescale, reduces chlorine and heavy metals
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Individualisiertes Wasser

More Bottle Free Zones

If you want to make your own contribution and change the way you consume water, here are further solutions to help you set up plastic bottle free zones at home, at the office or in a restaurant. Whichever you choose, you can continue to enjoy high-quality water in the way you like it best – still, chilled or sparkling.