Customer Information

Closeness helps - distance saves lives

Dear customers, partners, business friends,

The COVID-19 pandemic is a huge challenge for everyone and we would like to assure you with this letter that we as the BWT group of companies have done everything in our power to contain the pandemic. As a company that is committed to our Planet Blue, it goes without saying that we will continue to do so without further words and comments.

BWT is there for you right now!

The most important hygiene measure is still to keep your distance. Therefore, our field service Team will only visit you in emergency and exceptional cases and will of course still look after you with the usual verve. You can reach your contact person by email and of course by phone!

Back office
Most of our employees are now working from their home office, but we have routed their phones and you can continue to reach them on their known phone numbers.

Service engineers
Our engineers stay on the go for you. However, it is necessary that we prioritize our assignments, especially for hospitals and other important institutions in industry, municipalities and healthcare. Our employees are well trained for the current situation and will adhere to any regulations or restrictions in force whilst maintaining the highest hygiene standards such as the use of gloves, mouth protection, and safe distances: You can rely on our professional approach in just the same way you would a BWT repair to your water treatment device or plant! For appointments, please contact your usual contact person.

Delivery of spare parts
Please be ensured that our service partners are also adhering to all the measures in force to help to contain the pandemic and we are striving together to keep the supply chain as good as possible.

At a time when closeness helps and distance saves lives, we count on reason, solidarity and your continued support to help us to beat this virus and return to normal as quickly and as safely as possible.

With the best wishes for you, your employees and your families.

Stay healthy!


Andreas Weißenbacher


Mondsee, 18th March 2020